VIP trip to Egypt

VIP trip to Egypt

What is the best time of year for a trip to Egypt?

The most suitable time for a trip to Egypt is typically during the winter and early spring, which is from November to March. During this period, temperatures are milder and more pleasant for tourists, averaging around 20-25°C. This allows travelers to avoid the extreme heat of summer when temperatures can reach as high as 40°C, which can make sightseeing and outdoor activities more challenging. Read more

What are the advantages of a VIP trip to Egypt?

In general, a VIP trip to Egypt is an extremely exclusive and unique form of travel that offers many unforgettable advantages. Firstly, such a trip allows you to experience luxury and comfort at the highest level. Traveling in VIP mode, you can expect top-notch accommodation in luxurious hotels where the service is impeccable, and the amenities are endless. The uniqueness of this trip also manifests in access to exclusive attractions and places that are not generally available to tourists. Furthermore, such a trip often includes private guiding, which enables individual exploration of attractions. You can get to know the history and culture of Egypt up close, with the full attention of the guide solely for you. This is an incredibly valuable experience for those who seek a deeper understanding of the visited country.

What clothing should you bring on a trip to Egypt?

When embarking on a trip to Egypt, it’s essential to pack appropriate clothing to feel comfortable in the hot climate while also respecting local customs. Lightweight and breathable clothing made from natural materials such as cotton or linen is highly recommended. Avoid heavy synthetic fabrics, which can contribute to a feeling of stuffiness and discomfort. Summer dresses and skirts are a good choice for freedom of movement and body ventilation. Short pants will also come in handy, but remember that in sacred places or more conservative neighborhoods, it’s better to opt for longer versions that cover the knees. Loose-fitting blouses and shirts are ideal for protecting your arms from the sun and providing ventilation. If you plan on outdoor activities in the sun, be sure to bring a hat or scarf to shield your head from the scorching rays. Sunglasses and sunscreen with UV protection are essential items as well.